Chief Designer at Tesla Joins in on End-of-Quarter Delivery Push

Chief Designer at Tesla Joins in on End-of-Quarter Delivery Push

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Chief Designer at Tesla, Franz von Holzhausen, has joined in to support the end-of-quarter delivery push. Having managed to significantly increase production in recent days, the company needs a large team to deliver as many vehicles as possible.

Tesla executives in the US once again joined their staff to help close the quarter successfully. Chief Designer at Tesla, Franz von Holzhausen, tweeted that he was delivering cars in Los Angeles on June 30. He said that it was a great experience to deliver new Tesla cars, although traffic in LA may have been another story.

This is not the first time Tesla executives, including von Holzhausen, have joined car deliveries. Previously, CEO Elon Musk delivered cars to customers, and on another occasion, he helped, along with his charming mother, Maye Musk, at the delivery center. While Tesla's leader is selflessly busy on the front lines, directly in production at Giga Texas, von Holzhausen supports the rear by delivering cars to customers.

Q2 2022 was very difficult for Tesla due to COVID-19 in China. In addition to the Giga Shanghai factory being shut down for 22 days and the resumption of production being slow due to various restrictions, a lot of components for US and German car production are stuck in Chinese ports. However, starting from mid-May, the situation gradually began to improve.

In connection with the current situation, the Tesla factory in Fremont worked extremely hard, reaching new production records. The increase in production at Giga Texas also took place in June. Thus, Tesla again fell into production hell, but will undoubtedly come out of this with its head held high. By the end of June there were a huge number of deliveries, so the company needed the help of caring employees, so von Holzhausen joined in on the high priority task.

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