Tesla to Open First Dedicated Vehicle Delivery Center in Japan on November 1

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 01, 2021

Tesla to Open First Dedicated Vehicle Delivery Center in Japan on November 1

Photo: Tesla Delivery Center in Beijing/Tesla

Tesla car sales in Japan continue to grow as they become more affordable to residents. As such, Tesla is opening its first delivery center in Japan, which will focus only on deliveries to the local market.

At the end of February, Tesla cut prices for the purchase of Model 3 in Japan. This became possible due to the fact that Model 3, and now Model Y, can be supplied from Giga Shanghai, the manufacturer's factory in China. In addition to reducing cost, order wait time has been significantly reduced. Due to the wider distribution of Tesla vehicles, customer service and charging infrastructure have improved in the country.

Already in March, Japan registered the first wave of demand growth for Model 3, sales of which increased by 1237% compared to the same period last year. This allowed the model to take third place among foreign brands, regardless of propulsion type, and first place in the EV market. This situation showed Tesla that it needs to expand its service in the Japanese market, and so the company began to take active steps in this regard.

Several @SawyerMerritt's/Twitter followers from Japan who are awaiting delivery of their Tesla have shared emails from the company with him. According to the text of the letter, the company is opening the first dedicated vehicle delivery center in Japan on November 1, 2021. The letter also indicated that a delivery center will be opened in Ariake, one of the Tokyo districts. Ariake is a center for shipping in the pulp and paper industry, which also makes it an ideal location for the fast delivery of vehicles to port from China and the USA.

Full text of the email:

"We will deliver your Model 3 at Tesla Delivery Center Ariake, Japan's first dedicated vehicle delivery base, which will open on November 1.

On the day of delivery, you'll be able to access your vehicle using the Tesla app, and view the Model 3 owner's manuals and tutorials on the vibrant touch screen inside the vehicle.

Please wait for a while as Tesla Advisor will inform you about the day of delivery. Watch the Model 3 support video in preparation for delivery."

The presence of electric vehicles in Japan is weighed down by some specific complexities. Since the country is home to the world's most popular auto brands that produce petrol-powered car models, the local population is more skeptical about electric vehicles. For several years Tesla has been trying to win the sympathy of the Japanese and seems to be on the right track. The popularity of the company's cars continues to grow steadily. Recently, it was reported that a famous Major League Baseball player from Japan, Shohei Ohtani, bought a Model X as his personal transport, and one of the most internationally recognized Japanese pop groups—Perfume—has chosen Model 3 for filming in its latest music video.

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