Tesla Gigafactory 4 information event in Grünheide

by Eva Fox February 04, 2020

Tesla Gigafactory 4 information event in Grünheide

Tesla wants to attract the citizens of Grünheide to his side. The electric vehicle manufacturer again invites residents to an information event.

The American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla invites citizens to the next information event in the Grünheide district of Hangelsberg (Oder-Spree), which will be held this Wednesday, February 5, from 4 to 8 pm. A report on the municipality’s website says that in connection with the planned factory settlement, the company wants to show people on the spot how Tesla employees jointly accelerated the energy and transport revolution.

Photo credit: dpa/Monika Skolimowska

Previously in order to give the necessary explanations to people, Tesla opened the Citizens Information Office. Initially, it was assumed that an information bureau for citizens, where they can view documents related to the approval process of the planned factory, will be open until February 4. But it became known that Tesla extended the working hours until February 27, 2020.

Tesla plans to build a factory in Grünheide (Oder-Spree district) near Berlin, where from July 2021 up to 500,000 Models 3 and Y and future models will be rolled off the assembly line each year. The environmental approval process is ongoing.

This Wednesday, documents regarding the Tesla settlement in Grünheide will be downloaded from the Internet. After that, everyone will have the opportunity to request access to them at the approval office of the State Environmental Protection Agency in Frankfurt (Oder).

Steffen Schorcht of the Citizens Initiative noted that the Tesla office staff is competent and open-minded.

Featured image: dpa / Patrick Pleul

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