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Tesla Owner Gets Traffic Ticket Dismissed After Model 3's Built-in Dashcam Proves Police Wrong

by Claribelle Deveza December 14, 2019


Tesla’s built-in dashcam was able to get a Model 3 owner’s traffic ticket dismissed, proving a policeman wrong. Once again, Tesla's advanced tech has been proven necessary.

Model 3 owner @pmoconne thanked Elon Musk and his car’s built-in dashcam after the built-in feature helped get his traffic ticket dismissed. This ticket would have cost him US$171 if the cop's reason for issuing it wasn’t rejected.

According to the Model 3 owner’s tweet, a policeman had stopped him after he made a left turn because he allegedly failed to engage his turn signal during a left turn at an intersection. However, footage of the incident clearly shows otherwise.

Through the video captured from the Model 3’s built-in camera, @pmoconne can be seen turning after the traffic light turns green. His turn signal is switched on, as seen through the reflection on the truck in front of the Model 3.

The Model 3 doesn’t switch lanes after turning left, and the cop doesn’t stop him until well after he’s turned--in which case the turn signal should already be off. In fact, @pmoconne’s Model 3 almost passes a second traffic light, but the policeman flags him first.

There was no need for the Model 3 owner to signal a lane change either because he wasn't trying to make one. The footage clearly shows him going straight down the road until he was stopped by the police.

Incidents like the one this Model 3 owner went through happen more often than people think. Unfortunately, not all vehicles have dashcams—built-in or otherwise.

This instance reaffirms the need for safety features like built-in dashcams in all vehicles. Sometimes people need another “eye-witness” on the scene that can be deemed as one-hundred percent unbiased.

While the Model 3's cameras saved the day this time, there is still plenty of room for improvement. One Telsa enthusiast, JPR007, made some suggestions for the potential Full Self-Driving feature for Elon Musk and Tesla techs to consider. Through a reply to @pmoconne’s tweet of the incident, JPR007 suggested that dashcam footage should also include parameters, like the time, date, turn signals switch, acceleration, and braking.

Featured Image Credit: @pmoconne/Twitter

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