Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory 3 manufacturing team opens campus recruitment — A brilliant move to prepare massive growth of China market!!

Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory 3 manufacturing team opens campus recruitment — A brilliant move to prepare massive growth of China market!!

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory manufactures production from scratch. Factory management is gathering the best talents to join the Tesla team to work together to create the Tesla made in China.

Grace Tao, Tesla Global Vice President, responsible for government affairs, public relations, markets and brands in Greater China said: "During the interview yesterday, the reporter asked what the management spends the most time every day. After thinking about it, in addition to the daily work operations, it should be an interview. In February 2019, our Lingang factory project department only had a dozen people. Ten months later, there are already thousands of people."

Source: Grace Tao / Weibo

Naturally, the car factory needs a large number of employees. That's why the Tesla Shanghai team constantly needs to conduct a large number of interviews and train new employees.

Professionals from various automobile companies and college graduates seek to get a job at the Shanghai Tesla Gigafactory. According to Tesla China, in 2019 they received about 700,000 resumes.

“None of my friends heard about Tesla four years ago, and basically, each friend heard about Tesla three years ago, and I have friends who bought Tesla in the last two years,” said Tesla's HR in China.

“Many of the candidates who came for an interview with us came from all over the country,” HR said.

Intelligent car electrification has become a trend all over the world. Being the embodiment of the "dream of civilian cars", Tesla, already known and is already at the new peak of the dream of the automotive industry.

Yesterday, Tom Zhu, published in his Weibo that Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory manufacturing team opens campus recruitment. This is a brilliant step to prepare for China's massive market growth!

Source: Tom Zhu / Weibo

Tom ZhuVP of APAC and Gigafactory 3. Mr. Tom Zhu joined Tesla in April 2014 to lead its charging network development in China, and was appointed in December as the General Manager of Tesla in China. Now Mr. Zhu is responsible for Tesla’s APAC business as well as building the first Gigafactory outside of U.S. in Shanghai.

Source: Tom Zhu / Weibo

At the moment, the Shanghai Gigafactory needs various specialists. Tesla is a company that seeks equal opportunities and rights for employees and seeks to diversify its workplace. All eligible candidates will be considered regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, disability, veteran status, gender identity, or any other protection in accordance with local law.

The list of vacancies for work in Tesla can be found at the link here.

In less than one year, Tesla, thanks to the assistance of the Chinese government, was able to build a factory, get all the necessary permits and start production of vehicles. Now, the company continues to actively recruit and train new employees in order to translate all the tasks into reality. Thanks to the Tesla Chinese team, Elon Musk's plans are being executed at lightning speed. At the moment, such fast and productive work has become a role model for professionals around the world.

Source: Grace Tao / Weibo

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