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Tesla Giga Texas Is Preparing Land for New Facility Dubbed 'Bobcat Project'

Tesla Giga Texas Is Preparing Land for New Facility Dubbed 'Bobcat Project'

Photos: Terafactory Texas/YouTube

Tesla plans to build a new facility--the Bobcat Project--at Giga Texas, as evidenced by recently filed documents in the city of Austin. The documents and sources do not indicate the direct purpose of the new building, but it is presumably located not far from the main Giga Texas building, and construction work there has already begun.

Documents recently filed in the city of Austin indicate that Tesla is planning to build another facility next to the main building of Giga Texas, according to the Austin Business Journal. At the moment, there are no details on what the building will be used for. The site plan was submitted on April 30 and is called the "Bobcat Project." The only information available indicates that this is an industrial facility.

The new facility is expected to be located east of the main building and will cover a total area of ​​150 acres. The impermeable coverage limit could be 65% at ETJ in Austin, which means the immediate building area can only be no more than 97 acres. This means that buildings, driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots will span 97 acres. The remaining 53 acres (at a minimum) should remain uncovered by any structures.

Drone videos posted by Terafactory Texas/YouTube from May 5 and 6 show that land preparation is already underway east of the factory building, and work is progressing rapidly. At the moment, part of the site already has a cover prepared for the start of construction, although another part of it still has a pond. It is worth considering that this section was prepared for the construction of a road, and not a building, so we will monitor the progress of construction further.

Photo from May 5

Photo from May 6

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