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Tesla Receives Permission to Build Warehouse at Giga Berlin that Could Become a Battery Factory

Tesla Receives Permission to Build Warehouse at Giga Berlin that Could Become a Battery Factory

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Tesla has received official permission to build a warehouse at its Giga Berlin construction site, said Sascha Gehm, head of the Oder-Spree construction department. The area of ​​the new building is equal to the size of three soccer fields, and if assumptions are correct, could eventually be home to a new battery factory.

At the end of February, Tesla began excavation works for a new building at Giga Berlin, which will possibly be converted into a battery factory in the future. On the site where the warehouse will be located, heavy equipment was noticed, and the excavation of a foundation pit began. In late December 2020, Tesla filed a construction application with the Oder-Spree Construction Authority to build another large facility on an initial 300 hectares. The statement indicated that the premises would be temporarily used for other purposes.

Now Tesla has received an official permit for the construction of the building, which gives the manufacturer the right to begin construction of the building, RBB24 reports. Tesla has yet to comment on what it plans to do with the new premises. However, Tagesspiegel reported in mid-January that the company would later begin manufacturing battery cells in this building. It is believed that it will be a challenge to later convert the building into a battery manufacturing plant, yet it can be done.

In line with its current status, Tesla is not allowed to use the new hall in conjunction with the construction of the car factory that is being built next door. For example, Tesla is prohibited from storing parts for car production in this new building. This is because Tesla applied for and received permission to build the hall from the county. On the other hand, the car plant goes through a much more complicated approval process with the state ministry of the environment, and construction of the new warehouse went through an easier approval process. To convert the warehouse to a different purpose, though, Tesla will have to apply for a change of use in the future.

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