Tesla Energy Business Continues to Grow, as Solar Roof will soon be Deployed in Australia

Tesla Energy Business Continues to Grow, as Solar Roof will soon be Deployed in Australia

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Tesla is preparing to roll out its new high-tech Solar Roof in Australia with the help of CSR, a company Tesla has been working with for some time. Homeowners can install Solar Roof to power their home using 100% renewable energy and then store that energy in Powerwall, which makes electricity available during peak periods and at night, and also provides power during outages.

Bradford, a CSR division, is already the largest Tesla home battery installer in Australia. The company expects Tesla Solar Roof to be actively used after the product completes all testing and receives an official stamp from the Australian authorities. The regulatory process in Australia is nearing completion.

Tesla's product is revolutionary, said CSR chief executive Julie Coates. "You get a roof, you get the aesthetics and you get an energy solution."

Tesla CEO Elon Musk first unveiled the idea of ​​a Solar Roof in the fall of 2016. In appearance, the new material is ordinary tiles, but in fact, this is a high-tech coating that can completely replace the external power supply.

Solar Roof is based on glass ceramics, the production of which has long been established and doesn't cause difficulties. A special coating is introduced inside the material, which allows them to accumulate solar energy and transform it into electricity. Solar Roof together with Powerwall, which are offered as a package, allow customers to effectively use all the sunlight that falls on the building.

Solar Roof is one of Tesla Energy's strongest products. It aims to replace the existing roof and revitalize it with beautiful solar tiles that can provide a home with energy for decades.

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