Tesla Opens North China's Largest V3 Supercharging Station in Beijing, as Demand Continues to Spike

Tesla Opens North China's Largest V3 Supercharging Station in Beijing, as Demand Continues to Spike

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On November 17, Tesla opened its V3 Supercharging Station in downtown Beijing's Wangjing Pohang. The charging station has 21 V3 stalls, making it the largest V3 Supercharging station in North China.

With the growing number of Teslas on China's roads, there will be even greater need for charging stations. As such, it was announced that Tesla will proceed with the construction of almost 650 new Supercharging stations. Tesla China estimates that more than 7,000 stalls will be installed by the end of 2020, covering major cities and intercity roads across the country. Of these, about 5,000 will be DC charging stations and an additional 2,000 are slated as AC charging stations, covering more than 250 cities.

Wangjing Pohang V3 Supercharging Station was opened to the public. Peak power of 250 kW and a liquid-cooled cable allows the vehicle's battery to charge up to 155 miles (250 km) in 15 minutes, which meets most owners' weekly commuting needs.

Site selection for Tesla's Supercharging station in China is extremely strict, and the uncompromising construction standards are only meant to improve the user experience.

Supercharging station V3 must be rated for at least 918 kVA supply voltage to ensure the stability of the speed and power of the battery. In addition, Tesla requires a parking space to be at least 9 ft. (2.75 meters) wide and 17 ft. (5.18 meters) long. Compared to standard parking spaces, 8'2" (2.5 meters) wide and 16'4" (5 meters) long, Tesla's spacious charging parking spaces provide car owners with the convenience of charging.

Currently, one of the reasons many consumers in China and beyond choose Tesla is the convenient and fast charging method at proprietary charging stations designed exclusively for Tesla. And the ability to charge with a peak power of 250 kW provides an even better car ownership experience.

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