Tesla May Have Planned to Buy Semiconductor Chips in Advance to Avoid Shortage

Tesla May Have Planned to Buy Semiconductor Chips in Advance to Avoid Shortage

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Tesla may have planned the purchase of its needed chips in advance to ensure their supply given the acute shortage in the market. To avoid shortages of these components in the future, the manufacturer may also consider purchasing a chip factory.

The Financial Times reported on Wednesday, citing people working with semiconductor suppliers, manufacturers, and consultants that Tesla is discussing supply chain proposals with industry operators in Taiwan, South Korea, and the United States. These discussions are taking place against the backdrop of a global shortage of chips, which has had a negative impact on the entire automotive industry, including constant production disruptions.

Under these conditions, some chipmakers have begun to allow large customers to make upfront payments to ensure certain orders are fulfilled at a fixed price. And now, according to rumors, Tesla may turn out to be one of those clients.

In addition, sources said that Tesla has expressed an interest in buying the chip factory, although the discussion is only in its infancy. At the moment, such a purchase could be very useful, but too expensive, so most likely the company will not take advantage of this opportunity now.

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