Tesla Demand Soars in Norway in December as Global EV Storm Is Just Charging Up

Tesla Demand Soars in Norway in December as Global EV Storm Is Just Charging Up

In mid-December, Tesla reached another milestone in Norway. Thanks to the high number of registrations, the company registered 55,000 vehicles. It seems that Tesla will again achieve excellent performance in Norway in December, as the month is not yet over, and the company has already registered almost 3,000 vehicles.

As of December 20, there were 2,975 Tesla vehicles registered in Norway, of which 63 are Model S, 112 Model X, and 2,800 Model 3, according to


And despite these incredible results, from December 20 to the end of the month there are still 11 days unaccounted for--and judging by the general trend, the number of registrations will continue to grow until the end of the month. It looks like Norway will make a significant contribution to Tesla deliveries in Q4 2020 and overall for the year.

At the moment, hundreds of vehicles are still waiting to be delivered. There are more than 100 cars in the parking lot near Tesla's Norway Trade Fairs delivery center. Norway Trade Fairs is Norway's largest arena for trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, banquets, concerts and events, most of which is rented by Tesla for use as a delivery area. @carinalarsen76/Twitter, who has helped at this delivery center several times already, has shared information about it, as well as photos and videos that showcase the large number of Tesla vehicles to be delivered shortly.

In mid-December, it became known that the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) had approved measures proposed by the Norwegian authorities to exempt zero-emission electric vehicles from VAT for another two years. This means that residents of Norway will have an additional incentive to buy clean electric vehicles such as Tesla.

Despite the fact that, in 2020, the general interest in Tesla cars was weaker than in 2019, the opening of orders for Model Y may again radically change the situation. SUVs and CUVs are much more popular among the population of Norway, as well as other northern countries. While the cost of the Model X is high, which has been a barrier to its wide popularity there, the cost of the Model Y is dramatically lower. Therefore, there is a very large market in Norway for Tesla to still further develop its presence.

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