Tesla Powerpack & Powerwalls Create a Microgrid in Canadian Housing Project

Tesla Powerpack & Powerwalls Create a Microgrid in Canadian Housing Project

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Tesla Powerpack and Powerwalls are installed in a new green housing project in Canada, creating a microgrid. Tesla batteries store excess solar energy from rooftop solar panels and serve as a backup power source.

Powered by solar panels and Tesla Powerpacks plus Powerwalls, an hour's drive from Toronto, Canada, the new pilot project became a great example of how future sustainable communities should look and be built. Opus One Solutions, Elexicon Energy, Marshall Homes, and the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) have built one of the first pre-planned sustainable residential neighborhoods in Canada, according to The Weather Network.

The community, called Altona Towns, consists of 27 fully occupied homes and is located in Pickering, Ontario. Solar panels are installed on the roof of one of the residential blocks and provide approximately 10 percent of the energy needed by the community. Tesla batteries store excess solar energy and can serve as a backup power source.

“When the traditional grid experiences a power outage, such as during a storm, or a car hits into the pole, the microgrid is able to disconnect from the grid and maintain its own stability of operations,” Joshua Wong, CEO of Opus One Solutions, said to The Weather Network. “That to us is really the ultimate form of energy reliability and resiliency,” he continued.

In addition, all homes in Altona Towns include electric vehicle charging stations, smart metering, and an integrated distribution energy service platform that can be used to manage parts of the microgrid. All of these efforts are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of households, as climate change is a key issue today. “Elexicon Energy is looking to develop an industry model for a smart grid, with the hopes this project will increase energy distribution reliability and contribute to net zero emissions targets for Canada by enabling wide-scale smart grid implementation in the near future,” said Falguni Shah, Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Elexicon Energy, in a press release.

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