Tesla Supercharger Spotted in India Ahead of Electric Vehicle Sales Launch

Tesla Supercharger Spotted in India Ahead of Electric Vehicle Sales Launch

Photo: Tesla Club India/Twitter |  u/djmac20/Reddit

Tesla Supercharger V2 was spotted in India ahead of the start of electric vehicle sales. According to various assumptions, the chargers can be used for charging the tested cars or for demonstration in the company's showroom, which is expected to open soon.

Tesla Club India/Twitter posted an image of a Tesla Supercharger V2/150 kW, which is housed in some kind of warehouse-like room. At the moment, there is no confirmation of the exact purpose for which it was delivered, but there are several working assumptions.

Indian publication ZEENEWS expects the charger to be installed in the brand's first showroom in India, which is still expected to open by early 2022. Tesla has a corporate office in Mumbai, and some local reports indicate that Tesla is about to open its first showroom there, although there is no official announcement from the company.

On the other hand, in 2021, we have seen the manufacturer's vehicles being tested on the roads of India on numerous occasions. In particular, Model 3 and Model Y have been seen. Hence, the spotted Supercharger could be installed in order to charge such test cars. However, there is one detail that may hint at a more interesting future for the charger.

The spotted V2 Supercharger has two plugs on the stall, although it should be kept in mind that only one of them can be used at a time. One Type 2 plug is used to charge Model S and X, while the other, CCS2, is used to charge Model 3 and Y. This could hint either that the company will test Model S and X in India, or that that the spotted Supercharger may be installed for public use. However, the option that it will be displayed for demonstration in the showroom is also quite probable.

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