Large Tesla Powerwall System at Apartment Complex Launches in Sydney, Australia

Large Tesla Powerwall System at Apartment Complex Launches in Sydney, Australia

Photo: One Step Off The Grid

A new apartment complex in Sydney, Australia, is becoming sustainable. The building will offer its tenants access to cheaper solar energy thanks to a 201 kW solar PV system and Tesla Powerwall battery systems.

The apartment complex Bottlebrush with solar panels and 324 kWh Tesla batteries was officially launched on June 17, according to One Step Off The Grid. The project came about through a partnership between developer ALAND and energy solutions provider Energy Trade. The new project aimed to draw the attention of apartment owners and tenants to savings by installing solar panels on rooftops and energy storage systems.

Energy Trade said the building's photovoltaic system will generate 70 MWh per year of solar energy and store it in Tesla Powerwalls. The 324 kWh installation is believed to be the largest Powerwall unit at a residential building in Australia to date. According to Energy Trade, the total capacity of the batteries will be sufficient to withstand the entire power load of the complex with an average use of more than five hours.

After the building is fully occupied, the solar and battery system is expected to provide about 45% of the apartment complex's total energy load. “Knowing not only the positive impact this will have on the environment but also the community who live here is so exciting,” said Energy Trade sales director Darren Read. “This is just the beginning—we live in the perfect environment to benefit from solar and batteries," he continued.

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