Tesla Powerwalls to Power Residential Complexes in Australia

Tesla Powerwalls to Power Residential Complexes in Australia
At Carseldine and Oxley, two new residential developments will be built under the leadership of the Queensland government. New homes will be 100% renewable-energy powered, and save thousands of dollars in electricity bills. In an effort to achieve the goal, the installations will use advanced technologies for energy storage with Tesla Powerwall.

Queensland Premier and Minister for Trade Annastacia Palaszczuk shared the news via Twitter: "This is one of the Tesla batteries that will help power two new 100% solar and battery neighborhoods in Carseldine and Oxley. Both Queensland-led residential developments will feature zero net energy emission homes."

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development Steven Miles said both developments demonstrate innovation and resilience, while also aiming to support economic recovery and job creation at the same time.

“All the Carseldine Village terrace homes and the Oxley Songbird detached residential dwellings homes will come with solar PV, battery storage systems, heat pump hot water systems, WiFi air conditioning and will be electric vehicle charger ready,” Miles said.

The Deputy Premier said at Oxley's Songbird development, as part of a landmark deal with Natural Solar and Tesla, homeowners will have access to a solar PV and Tesla Powerwall package. “Solar PV combined with a Tesla Powerwall will have on and off-grid capability and the option to link into a virtual power plant to generate revenue for the homebuyer,” Miles said.

Natural Solar CEO Chris Williams said the innovation signifies the Queensland Government's support of clean, green energy. “Homeowners at Songbird Oxley can expect to save up to $2000 per year, delivering a return on investment in around 5 years. With solar, you typically generate more energy than you need, so by combining with the Tesla Powerwall, it can be stored and used when needed,” he said.

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