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Tesla Will Publish Updated Giga Berlin Documents With Change Requests

Tesla Will Publish Updated Giga Berlin Documents With Change Requests

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Further public participation begins for Tesla Giga Berlin. The amended documents will be released this Thursday, the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment announced. Citizens can check documents at the State Environmental Agency in Frankfurt (Oder), at the town hall of the municipality of Grünheide, at the town hall in Erkner, in the Spreenhagen office and on the Internet

On Thursday (July 2, 2020), an open review of the amended documents for Giga Berlin begins. The second public participation in the approval process under the Federal Law on Emissions Control was announced in the official newspaper of the country to amend the Tesla Gigafactory 4 project. Those who have objections must submit them by September 3, 2020.

Tesla made changes to the project by filling out application documents that could have an impact on the environment. In this case, the approval procedure clause (9. BImSchV) provides that a new announcement must be made.

Modified and supplemented application documents will also be published on the Internet. Tesla agreed to choose this form of digital citizen participation and thereby facilitate access to application documents. At the same time, documents can also be viewed in paper form, as usual.

Following the rules of operation during Covid-19, checking during working hours at the office of the State Environmental Administration / Frankfurt an der Oder, in the town hall of the municipality of Grünheide (Mark), in the town hall in Erkner and the office in Spreenhagen is possible only after registration by the phone. This is done to avoid crowding in one place.

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Tesla will publish all documents that show the impact of the project on the environment and the public, as well as construction documents, drawings, detailed descriptions of individual operating units, as well as storage and logistics documents.

The entire application will be published from July 2, 2020, to August 3, 2020, inclusive. Objections to the project may be raised again by September 3, 2020. However, this should be relevant to the changes. All objections raised at the first public participation remain and will be considered in the future. The discussion is scheduled for September 23, 2020, from 10 a.m. in the Erkner Town Hall.

On Monday, June 29, the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment confirmed that Tesla, together with amended documents for a previous application for approval under the Federal Emissions Control Act for the factory, "has submitted another application for approval of the early start of measures ( ...) for parts of a shell ", reports Tagesspiegel.

Recent pictures of Giga Berlin show that construction of the main building will begin soon, as trains began delivering pillars and beams to the construction site.

On June 25, Minister for Economy and Energy of the state of Brandenburg Jörg Steinbach visited the Giga Berlin site and community meeting in Grünheide, on which the street adjacent to the factory was renamed Tesla Straße.

Giga Berlin is being built rapidly. It is planned that the production of Model Y will begin in mid-2021. Up to 12,000 people will be employed in the production, and ultimately, 500,000 cars per year will roll out from the assembly line.

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