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Tesla Buys Railway Track for a Better Connection to Giga Berlin

Tesla Buys Railway Track for a Better Connection to Giga Berlin

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The location for Giga Berlin was chosen thanks to thoughtful and balanced decisions, one of which was the fact that a railway line passes through the factory site, connecting the Freienbrink industrial area with the rest of the tracks. Tesla has acquired a section of the railway, which will allow the company to carry out logistics in an environmentally friendly way.

Tesla purchased the existing railway track from the Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn Group (DRE) for a better connection to its Giga Berlin. This was confirmed on Thursday by a representative of the Brandenburg Ministry of Infrastructure and State Planning, RBB24 reports. On this section of the railway, before the arrival of Tesla, trains had not run for about a year, but the infrastructure was in order. The route was originally designed for competitive freight traffic, so it could offer a number of benefits for Tesla.

The route, which belongs to the CM3 and D4 railway line classes, and is classified as a public line, is approved for heavy loads of up to 21 tons (46,297 lb) per wheel pair. According to DRE CEO Gerhard Curth, the load can be increased even up to 22.5 tons (49,600 lb), since the railway does not cross any bridge structures, and the length of the train can reach 1,968 ft. At the moment, the speed that is allowed on the route is 15.5 mph, but the location of the route can allow a speed increase to almost 25 mph. To do this, it will be necessary to protect railway crossings with barriers and flashing lights.

At the moment, Tesla is planning to run a shuttle train at shift change times at Giga Berlin until the new Fangschleuse station is commissioned, from Erkner to a new stop on the track south of the factory premises. The planning, construction, and operation of the shuttle, including the breakpoint, is up to Tesla, the ministry said.

According to @tobilindh/Twitter, Tesla plans to replace and reroute the track in order to position it in a more convenient way. Right now, the track crosses Tesla's territory, "dividing" it. The new route will run along the border of the site without creating inconvenience. 

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