SpaceX is one of the sponsors of the City of Brownsville's ‘Mr. Amigo Charro Day Fiesta’ –People hope Elon Musk attends the parade in a Tesla Cybertruck

SpaceX is one of the sponsors of the City of Brownsville's ‘Mr. Amigo Charro Day Fiesta’ –People hope Elon Musk attends the parade in a Tesla Cybertruck

SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is building a Starship spaceport at Boca Chica Beach, neighboring Brownsville, Texas, from where he envisions hundreds of Starships lifting off to build settlements on the Moon and Mars. SpaceX is rapidly becoming a source of excitement and inspiration in South Texas. Musk pledged to support education in Brownsville and neighboring towns, he has already donated millions of dollars to local schools. SpaceX is demonstrating to be a good neighbor since it started to perform test flights of the Starship launch vehicle in 2019. SpaceX and Tesla representatives often participate in local events and charities.

SpaceX is one of the sponsors of the Mr. Amigo Association 2022 ‘Charro Day Fiesta’,  which celebrates the shared culture between the border cities of Brownsville and Matamoros, Mexico. The festive event is sponsored by the Mexican Consulate, City of Brownsville, Texas Southmost College, Brownsville Public Utilities Board, the Port of Brownsville, and SpaceX (among other local businesses). Brownsville and Matamoros showcase their international friendship through an annual parade. Everyone dresses up in folkloric Mexican attire and watches a beautiful parade that runs through downtown Brownsville, across the border bridge into Tamaulipas. The parade is filled with traditional music, colorful floats and cars cruising down the street alongside horses, marching Mariachi bands, and dance performances by schools. Every year since the 1960s the Mr. Amigo Association invites a special Hispanic celebrity guest to represent the friendship between both countries. On January 27, the Mexican Consulate and the City of Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez revealed the 2022 Mr. Amigo guest is Broadway actress Bianca Marroquín (video linked below).

As one of the sponsors, SpaceX is expected to join the celebration with a parade float vehicle - or some kind of fun presentation. A TESMANIAN correspondent attended the Mr. Amigo press conference and had the opportunity to converse with Brownsville District 2 Commissioner Jessica Tetreau and other attendees who said they hope Elon Musk can attend the Charro Day Fiesta parade in a Tesla Cybertruck. “I was very moved to see how SpaceX and Tesla are sponsoring and participating in this year's Charro Days Festivities. Charro Days is the celebration of the beauty and friendship between our Mexican and American culture… Together, we are a stronger family,” said Tetreau. The 85th annual Charro Days Fiesta is scheduled from February 19 to 27 in downtown Brownsville. It consists of multiple events, including an Illuminated Night Parade, Grand International Parade and Costume Ball, Carnival, as well as a Mexican Sombrero Festival from February 24 to 26 [dates are subject to change].  

VIDEO: City Of Brownsville Mr. Amigo Press Conference 



Photo: Brownsville & Matamoros leaders revealed 2022 Mr. Amigo is Bianca Marroquín. / Source:




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