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Tesla Q4 (Half time report)

by Eva Fox November 20, 2019

Tesla Q4 (Half time report)

In the past couple of days, we have gone Tesla's half of the fourth calendar quarter of the year. After making a profit in the third quarter, stocks are growing and investors expect this quarter to continue positive dynamics.

Usually, by now, every Tesla observer would analyze October sales estimates from around the world. It is reported that Tesla began the fourth quarter with a small amount of inventories, so sales were expected to decline during the first month of the period. TMC Europe did show that Tesla Model 3 sales in this region accounted for about half of what was seen in the first month of the Q3.

We currently have a CleanTechnica rating for Tesla in the United States in October, it shows 9,000 sales of Model 3.

As we see, BMW suffers the most from Tesla's success. Well, Americans definitely love Tesla.
Shortly after entering the market, the Tesla Model 3 took a leading position among premium mid-size cars in the United States and overtook the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes Benz C-Class in this category.

This is Tesla's biggest win. Although another win is waiting for Tesla in the Netherlands at the end of this year. The income tax rate in kind doubles along with a lower price limit for the vehicle at a lower rate (there is a higher rate above the limit), so consumers are eager to get their Teslas in the next month and a half. As shown in the graph below, Model 3 sales in the Netherlands are so far exceptionally good in the fourth quarter and are likely to set a new quarterly record for the Netherlands.

Chart source: EU EVs

November 21, Tesla will present its pickup truck, which is the most anticipated product in the company's history. Elon Musk previously said that his price will be about $ 50,000, he will have the ability to tow 300,000 pounds, and have a battery that can have a range of about 500 miles. Now that pickups are very popular in the US, many people expect this particular product from Tesla.


Yes, Kimbal, that’s exactly what it is. Waiting for this event has already blown minds many of us.

Read more about this in our articles: "Additional invitations for Cybertruck unveil - is it real?" and "Elon, Help us to STOP the CyberTruck renders PLEASE!!!"

While sales in the United States and the Netherlands may accelerate soon, Tesla investors are looking forward to the next growth phase in China. The new Shanghai factory begins production this quarter. And on November 22, Made in China Tesla Model 3 will attend the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition.

Tesla expects a positive end to 2019. Investors are in a good mood, the company's shares are going up after the Q3, together with hopes for a record Q4.


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