Tesla Ramps Up Megapack Production, Batch of 240+ Batteries Seen Preparing for Delivery

Tesla Ramps Up Megapack Production, Batch of 240+ Batteries Seen Preparing for Delivery

Photo: @SawyerMerritt/Twitter

With the more widespread use of renewable energy production, large energy storage systems have become very popular. Tesla is experiencing tremendous growth in demand for its Megapack, offering industry-leading energy storage devices. A huge batch of over 240 batteries has now been spotted at Giga Nevada preparing for delivery.

The Tesla community has always followed Tesla's EV factories with great curiosity, while progress in the energy business was more often learned from the company's reports at the end of each quarter. It seems that now the situation is starting to change, and public interest in the production of batteries for energy storage has begun to grow. In late October, @SawyerMerritt's/Twitter source was able to photograph a large batch of Megapacks near Giga Nevada, consisting of 157 batteries. But in December, the information obtained from the observation is even more impressive.

@SawyerMerritt shared a photo showing a record 240+ Megapacks preparing for delivery near Tesla's Nevada factory. The total cost of this batch is valued at more than a whopping $322 million.

Megapacks are a mega-popular product of the company. Various large companies and businesses around the world that are looking to move to renewable energies and/or stabilize the power grid are placing orders for Tesla's large batteries. Large energy storage facilities, as a result, play an important role in energy markets in countries around the world.

In Q3, Tesla's energy storage deployments increased by 71% YoY, mainly due to the massive rollout of Megapacks. The manufacturer is experiencing a huge demand for this product and currently has a large backlog in order fulfillment. In this regard, Tesla decided to build a new Megapack factory. In September, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new MegaFactory took place in Lathrop, California. In its Q3 report, the company said the MegaFactory will have 40 GWh capacity, which is a huge capacity and far exceeds what Tesla can currently produce.

"We recently announced our new Megapack factory with a capacity of 40 GWh, which compares to total Megapack deployments of 3 GWh in the last 12 months. We are very excited about the broader potential of this product."

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