Tesla Rated Best EV Chargepoint Provider for 2021 in UK with its Supercharger Network

by Eva Fox December 04, 2021

Tesla Rated Best EV Chargepoint Provider for 2021 in UK with its Supercharger Network

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With an extensive and easy-to-use Supercharger Network, Tesla has become the best electric car chargepoint provider in 2021 in the UK. The owners of the company's cars rated it as the best in all respects, wishing only that the Superchargers were located in even more locations.

The ability to easily and quickly charge your electric vehicle is a key factor when choosing a brand. This is where Tesla wins significantly among all EV manufacturers existing today. The Supercharger network is one of the manufacturer's strongest competitive advantages, allowing owners to easily and quickly charge their vehicles without thinking about various applications, payment pages, and chips for charging.

As the shift to electric vehicles picks up steam, it becomes more important that consumers have access to the best information about them, explains Auto Express. This includes an understanding of the public electric vehicle charging infrastructure provided by leading charging station operators, which was investigated by the Driver Power Survey.

Based on feedback from real customers who have already experienced a public charging network, the survey highlighted the best and worst performance for their users. In addition, this year the survey was expanded to include questions on important factors such as lighting and security at charging stations, reliability, prices, and customer service levels.

Auto Express asked EV and plug-in hybrid owners to rate each publicly available charging point provider across a range of key areas. Customers were asked to rate their satisfaction with prices, charging speed, ease of use,  location, presentation, and reliability of chargepoints. Auto Express also solicited feedback on customer service levels and smartphone applications used to access the networks. The scores obtained were used to calculate the position of each provider as a whole.

According to the survey, Tesla's charging network ranked #1 among all service providers in the UK. Supercharger network users are more satisfied in each category than competing network users. The only exception is the Location category, where Tesla took third place. According to Auto Express, this is because drivers simply want more Superchargers as they are clearly providing a better all-round experience.

The leaderboard according to the results is as follows:

Position Provider Overal score
1 Tesla 83%
2 Shell Recharge 79%
3 Instavolt 77%
4 GeniePoint 75%
5 Pod Point 74%
6 Osprey/Engenie 69%
7 ChargePlace Scotland 68%
8 BP Pulse/Polar/Chargemaster 68%
9 Ecotricity (now Gridserve)  66%


1. Tesla

2. Shell Recharge

3. Instavolt

 4. GeniePoint

 5. Pod Point

 6. Osprey/Engenie

 7. ChargePlace Scotland

 8. BP Pulse/Polar/Chargemaster

 9. Ecotricity (now Gridserve)

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