Tesla Ranks Highest Among Home Charging Stations, According to J.D. Power Study

Tesla Ranks Highest Among Home Charging Stations, According to J.D. Power Study

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Tesla won the award for best home charging station of all, according to J.D. Power. The manufacturer becomes the winner for the third year in a row.

Electric vehicle owners often seek to install charging stations at home. This is convenient and can save owners money as cars can be charged overnight at a better rate. According to a study by J.D. Power, conducted in the US, 68% of electric vehicle owners use a Tier 2 mounted station, which means identifying the best manufacturer is an important task.

According to the study, the Tesla home charger station is the best among all. The manufacturer scored 790 points, which brings it a victory for the third year in a row. In second place is GRIZZL-E with 757 points. In third place is Emporia with 754 points. Notably, Ford, Electrify America, and Chevrolet are at the very bottom, with 699, 697, and 683 points respectively.

Overall, the 2023 study found that 2022 and 2023 EV owners are less satisfied with home charging speeds than 2021 and 2020 EV owners.

“Whether you’re an automaker, dealer or utility company participating in the EV ecosystem, improving the EV owner experience with respect to home charging should be a common goal shared by all,” said Brent Gruber, executive director of the EV practice at J.D. power. “There are programs available today that will help EV owners with the startup costs, such as installing or upgrading to a faster Level 2 charger. There are also programs designed to save EV owners money with the ongoing costs of charging their vehicle, like scheduling to charge during the most affordable time of the day. However, J.D. Power sees that there is little awareness and utilization of these benefits. As the EV marketplace continues to grow, brands that help owners take advantage of these offerings will be in a much better position down the road.”

Satisfaction is measured across eight factors: fairness of retail price; cord length; size of charger; ease of winding/storing cable; cost of charging; charging speed; ease of use; and reliability. These factors provide a comprehensive assessment of the owner experience and charger performance.

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