Tesla May Soon Enhance the Ability to Charge Cars at Home with Clean Energy

Tesla May Soon Enhance the Ability to Charge Cars at Home with Clean Energy

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Tesla may soon offer customers the ability to charge their electric vehicles with clean energy at home, reveals Tesla App code. The cars will be charged using excess solar energy that accumulates during the day and cannot be stored in Powerwall.

Tesla is launching a new feature that will benefit owners of the company's energy systems and vehicles. It will help customers who have solar panels or Solar Roof installed to charge their Tesla vehicles with excess solar energy by simply plugging them into a power outlet during the day. At the same time, owners will be able to independently choose the location and limits of charging. @Tesla_App_iOS/Twitter posted screenshots of the code, which has instructions for the function.

“Plug in your vehicle at home during the day to charge using the excess clean energy generated by your solar system.

“Set your charge limits and location and tell your vehicle when and where to charge only from excess solar.”

Owners will be able to set their car's battery to charge as usual from any available source for sufficient daily mileage. However, it will be possible to reserve part of the car's battery for charging if there is an excess of solar energy, the code says. The feature will only allow renewable energy to be used and ensures that the vehicle is not charged from other sources of energy. This will enable Tesla product owners to further reduce their carbon footprint and contribute even more to the world's transition to renewable energy.

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