Tesla Reduces Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive Delivery Time in China to 1-4 Weeks

Tesla Reduces Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive Delivery Time in China to 1-4 Weeks

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Tesla has reduced the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive delivery time in China to just 1-4 weeks, a huge improvement. Shorter delivery times are made possible by the fact that production at Giga Shanghai in this part of the quarter is for China only.

Tesla China once again delighted its local customers by adjusting delivery times for Model Y. According to the changes on the manufacturer's website, effective August 31, the estimated waiting time for the rear-wheel drive version (base version) of Model Y has been reduced to a staggering 1-4 weeks. Previously, the delivery time was 4-8 weeks, so the improvement is really significant.

In addition to the fact that the factory's production capacity has been increased, this reduction in the waiting time also indicates that Giga Shanghai now only delivers to the local market. Tesla progress observers in China reported a few weeks ago that the Shanghai port is no longer filled with Tesla cars, thousands of which could be seen there at the beginning of the month daily, meaning that exports have ceased. The company's strategy is that, in the first half of the quarter, the factory produces for deliveries to overseas markets, and in the second half of the quarter, deliveries are focused on the local market.

Tesla has started adjusting the estimated shipping times for Model Y and Model 3 in China from August 18. The estimated delivery time for both versions of Model 3 has been reduced to 12-16 weeks. The expected delivery time for the rear-wheel drive Model Y has been reduced to 4-8 weeks, while the expected delivery time for Model Y Long Range and Performance has been reduced to 16-20 weeks and 12-16 weeks, respectively.

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