Tesla Fremont-Made Model 3 Receives Interior Door Trim Refresh as Seen in MIC Version

Eva Fox by Eva Fox April 20, 2021

Tesla Fremont-Made Model 3 Receives Interior Door Trim Refresh as Seen in MIC Version

Photo courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla has updated its Fremont-made Model 3 interior. This comes a few months after this same change was made for its made-in-China Model 3. Customers who are receiving vehicles from the manufacturer's US factory will now enjoy this new trim update.

Tesla is constantly updating its cars, making changes and improvements in design and software. Last year, in addition to an updated center console, Model 3 received a trim upgrade, but only for cars made in China. For a period, the owners of these cars could feel special, as the Fremont-made Model 3 interior trim remained unchanged except for the 2021 Model 3 center console update. Now, all Model 3s from the Fremont factory will also feature the new, elegant door trims.

Since Tesla previously had only one factory, design updates automatically appeared in all cars produced. However, with the start of Giga Shanghai, this has changed. The company seeks to make some differences in the cars produced in its different factories, which can be connected both with potentially varying part supplier contracts and with the fact that Tesla seeks to give some products a special charm. Earlier, CEO of the company Elon Musk repeatedly said that Tesla will create design teams in Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin, which will work on the development of new and unique products, so it should not be surprising that in the future we may see differences (albeit temporary) in cars Tesla produces in different countries.

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