Tesla Registers 3K+ Cars in Norway for First Half of September

by Eva Fox September 17, 2021

Tesla Registers 3K+ Cars in Norway for First Half of September

Photo: Model Ys in Norway / Bestselling Cars Blog

A newcomer to the Norwegian market, Tesla Model Y, continues to shine. Thanks to the electric SUV, Tesla registered over 3,000 vehicles in the first half of September, with 14 days to go.

The Norwegian market continues to show the highest interest in Tesla vehicles. In August, in just 11 days, the company registered 2,083 units, of which 1,309 were Tesla Model Y and 774 Model 3. With such high registration numbers, Tesla Model Y has become the best-selling electric vehicle in August.

Now it turns out that the September sales data will be even much stronger. Tesla has registered an impressive 3,091 vehicles in just 16 days of this month, according to Teslastats. 2,468 of which were Model Y and 623 Model 3. Even with data for half a month, Tesla achieved one of the highest sales rates ever since its presence in Norway.

The company registered a record 5,828 units in March 2019. There were 4,424 vehicles registered in December 2020. In June 2021, 3,196 Tesla vehicles emerged on the country's roads. Thus, already now, 3,091 registered vehicles make it possible to take 4th place. Nevertheless, we will see the most interesting numbers at the end of the month. At the moment, the company has 14 more days to deliver cars to customers, and, as the experience of past years shows, Tesla is able to deliver thousands of cars in this period. There is every reason to expect Norway to see a new delivery record for Tesla in September 2021.

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