Tesla Resumes Orders for Model S & X Long Range in Europe

Tesla Resumes Orders for Model S & X Long Range in Europe

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Tesla is resuming orders for the Model S and Model X Long Range in Europe. Thousands of happy consumers finally get the opportunity to order their long-awaited cars.

In December, Tesla delivered first the Model S and Model X Plaid to customers in Europe. Thousands of cars were handed over in the last weeks of the year, bringing great joy. However, at that time, only the Plaid versions were available for order, while the Long Range versions were still unavailable despite being hotly desired. On Friday, European consumers from different countries began reporting that Tesla has reopened orders for the Long Range variant of Model S and Model X in Europe.

Prices for the Long Range variants vary considerably from country to country. If you order Model S and Model X Long Range now, the estimated delivery date will be January-March. That is, the cars will be delivered in the first quarter of the year, which is great news and a great gift for customers who have been waiting for the opportunity to receive their cars for two years. Another piece of good news is that customers can now choose the type of steering wheel they want: regular or yoke. The new feature became available for order in all markets in the world where cars are sold, in the middle of this week.

At the moment, Model S and Model X are produced only at the Fremont factory, so the number of cars produced is limited. However, according to recent rumors, Giga Berlin may be preparing a production or assembly line for Model S. Tesla previously had an assembly facility for Model S and Model X in the Netherlands, but closed it as it switched to the production of updated versions, and deliveries to Europe were started only two years after that. Therefore, it made no sense to support the operations of the facility. In this light, it seems more likely that Giga Berlin could install an assembly line for Model S, given that the motors for it are already made in Germany. Most likely, in the coming months, we will hear more details on this matter, which will help confirm or refute this information.

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