Twitter to Start Releasing New Navigation Tools in Coming Days

Twitter to Start Releasing New Navigation Tools in Coming Days

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Twitter is starting to release new navigation tools in the coming days. A UI overhaul, bookmarks as anonymous likes, and long tweets should be available before the end of winter.

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the platform has entered a zone of constant change and updates. Some of them really liked users, others were quickly discarded, and others were sent for revision. However, through constant discussions directly with Twitter users, Musk has identified specific improvements that many active users are craving.

The new owner promised that starting in January, the platform will launch several new features that will make its use more convenient and enjoyable. On Saturday, he confirmed the company's plan, while giving a timeframe for when the new tools would be launched.

Musk said the first change will be the ability to switch between recommended and followed tweets with an easy swipe right/left. This is a very handy addition that will make the use of time spent on Twitter more efficient. Sometimes you have the time and desire to view only the latest activity of accounts that you are following. Other times you want to broaden your reach for different experiences and emotions, so browsing through recommended tweets is a good thing. The activation of this tool should happen later this week, according to Musk. However, the announcement was made late on Saturday night, so it remains unknown if it will happen on Sunday or later next week.

Also, in one week, Twitter users can expect the bookmark button to appear. It will be added at the bottom of tweets, where the tweet info, retweet button, like button, and share button are now. The bookmark button will act as a silent like, which means that a like for a tweet will be counted, but no one will be able to see that you liked the tweet. This is a very handy feature that should increase the number of interactions on the platform, as users will now be able to interact with other users' tweets anonymously.

Another highly anticipated feature is long-form tweets. Musk previously announced that the tweet length would be extended to 4,000 characters. However, other details of how this would be implemented were not provided. The new feature should appear in early February.

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