Tesla Semi & Cybertruck Spotted with Lidar Equipment for Testing

Tesla Semi & Cybertruck Spotted with Lidar Equipment for Testing

Image: The Kilowatts | uff_dad 

Tesla Semi and Cybertruck were spotted with sets of lidar sensors at the front of the vehicles. They are probably used to calibrate the new Tesla Autopilot equipment that is installed on vehicles.

Several members of the Tesla community have noticed something interesting recently. @klwtts/Twitter has shared photos of Tesla Semi with lidar sensors mounted on the front. It was equipment from XenomatiX, which is clearly visible in the photos. It should be noted that the Texas manufacturer did not disclose any information about whether Semi is equipped with Autopilot technology and what equipment is used for this. However, it is safe to say that the trucks will be equipped to drive autonomously, as that is exactly what Tesla's ideology is about.

In response to a tweet with photos of the Semi, @dad_uff/Twitter shared photos of a Cybertruck with identical XenomatiX equipment installed in the front of the vehicle. The photo captured the moment a pickup truck rolls off a truck trailer. In both cases, the location where the photos were taken is not reported.

At the moment, we have confirmed information that Cybertruck will be equipped with the new hardware 4 (HW4). Nothing is known about the equipment that will be used in Semi, however it can be assumed that this will also be new HW4 equipment. Usually, Tesla uses lidar sensors to calibrate its equipment to get as much data as possible and check fitment. However, in delivering full self-driving in their vehicles, the company only relies on its own cameras, sonar, and radar, and does not intend to use the expensive and often inefficient lidar as equipment on its vehicles.

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