Tesla Semi Seen Transporting Cybertruck

Tesla Semi Seen Transporting Cybertruck

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Tesla Semi is spotted transporting the Cybertruck. The observation shows the manufacturer's work on two of its important projects. Cybertruck is hotly desired, and Semi truck is on its way to disrupting the trucking industry.

The closer we get to mass production of Cybertruck, the more we see test mules on public roads. Steel beasts in various covers have recently been quite easy too come across. Recently, one of the units was spotted again. However, this time it was being transported by a Tesla Semi, which made the sighting even more interesting.

Cybertruck took up quite a lot of the trailer. This once again emphasized its impressive size. Although it is worth noting that recent sightings of the pickup truck at a Giga Texas Supercharger have shown that it can easily charge at a standard stall space. In addition, Elon Musk said that Cybertruck will fit in a standard garage. The pickup truck that was being transported looked like a test vehicle that had undergone extensive testing. Its body had a lot of wear and some trim pieces were missing.

Another interesting detail was that the Cybertruck was being transported by a Tesla Semi. This is another product of the company, which entered the market only at the end of last year. So far, the only company that has received Semi truck deliveries is PepsiCo. In addition, they are used by Tesla itself for cargo transportation.

Electric trucks are a great alternative to diesel-powered trucks and even trains. In addition to the direct advantage in the form of vehicles that do not pollute the environment, such trucks have a large advantage in the cost of ownership. Large companies are striving to reduce their carbon footprint, so they pay attention to how they deliver their goods. This forces them to reconsider their views on the use of old diesel trucks and to seriously consider the possibility of buying electric trucks as soon as possible. Also, this step will help them save a significant amount of money on refueling and car maintenance.

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