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Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Delinquent Vandals on Video on New Years Eve


Sentry Mode took a video of some delinquent vandals who broke a Tesla vehicle's windows right after the New Year. The perpetrators in question seemed to be going on a vandalizing spree to celebrate 2020.

According to Tesla enthusiast @SteveHamel16, the delinquent vandals broke into a Tesla car in Strasbourg, France, around 1AM on January 1, 2020.

They used a car safety hammer to break the windows of the Tesla, proving that the act of vandalism was a preconceived plan. Car safety hammers are usually found on public transportation. They are supposed to be used for emergency purposes only but are often used to commit more dastardly acts—as is the case here.

Sentry Mode also caught the delinquents breaking the windows of a different car a couple feet behind the Tesla. The owner of the all-electric vehicle, @bobjouy, has already turned Sentry Mode's videos of the vandals into the police. He also posted the videos on Twitter, asking anyone who might recognize the vandals to come forward and offer any information that could help police identify them.

Unfortunately, vandalizing cars seems to be a tradition on New Year’s Eve across France. According to The Connexion, more than 100,000 law enforcement officers were deployed across France on New Year’s Eve this year. The officers were mobilized to prevent car torching, which has become sort of a tradition on New Year’s Eve in France.

On New Year’s Eve, car owners have had to hope that their vehicles aren't lit on fire by delinquents who think that’s a fun way of celebrating the end of the year. Local France reported that car torching stats have decreased by 20 percent since 2010. Based on the law enforcement officers mobilized on the last day of 2019, however, the number of cars lit on fire has not decreased enough.

The vandals that broke the windows on the Tesla may have been feeling the same “spirit” as those who seek cars to torch on New Year’s Eve. As suggested by the car safety hammer, the group seemed to be breaking windows for fun since Sentry Mode clips showed them doing it to other cars. The delinquents didn’t seem to be stealing anything from the cars, either. They seemed to think that it was simply a good way of celebrating the New Year.

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