Tesla Solar & Powerwall Products Helped 3,700+ Texas Homes Avoid Power Outages During Ice Storm

Tesla Solar & Powerwall Products Helped 3,700+ Texas Homes Avoid Power Outages During Ice Storm

Image: John Edward Garcia/Twitter

Tesla Solar and Powerwall helped more than 3,700 Texas homes avoid power outages during an ice storm that left hundreds of thousands of people in the state without power. The company's equipment continued to power homes despite the layer of ice, overcast skies, and constant drizzle.

A winter storm hit the south of the United States in late January and early February, bringing with it heavy snow and ice across the region. Texas became one of the hardest hit regions, with up to 0.75 inches of ice in some places. Severe icing on power lines left at least 350,000 people without power in the state. Austin suffered the most, because of these 350,000 people, 160,000 lived in the city.

However, many state residents remained warm and with power despite the emergency. Households that had Tesla solar products installed, such as solar panels or Solar Roofs, as well as Powerwalls, managed to avoid the blackout. Tesla products once again showed the importance of energy independence and emphasized their reliability in extreme situations.

John Edward Garcia/Twitter, who lives in Round Rock, said that despite the fact that the Tesla solar panels installed on his house were covered with ice, there was an overcast sky, and a constant drizzle, they continued to generate energy. His Powerwall energy storage system had the electricity ready to go and powered the home, meeting the needs of the entire family. Thanks to this, everyone was warm and safe.

Michelle/Twitter from Georgetown said her Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwalls did a great job of powering the home in these difficult conditions. This is not the first time the system has saved Michelle, as in February 2021, it proved to be excellent during a winter storm. During the ice storm of 2023, in addition to the Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwalls, she added SpaceX Starlink, which provided her with an uninterrupted Internet connection. Michelle noted that even after power was restored, neighbors still did not have internet.

Tesla revealed via its Twitter account that last week, as a winter storm raged through Texas, more than 3,700 homes remained powered thanks to the company's solar panels, Solar Roofs, and Powerwalls.

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