Tesla Starts Powerwall Installation in Japan as Energy Business Expansion Continues Globally

Tesla Starts Powerwall Installation in Japan as Energy Business Expansion Continues Globally

Tesla is rapidly expanding their commercial energy storage business worldwide, as well as solar and energy products for residential consumers. On February 17, 2020, Tesla solar roof international orders officially opened up. In the US, Tesla recently introduced Solar Roof & panels with new pricing, becoming much more affordable for the public. The panel system starts at just $45/month for purchase.

Now, Tesla has officially started the powerwall installation for consumers in Japan. 

The Paoli Family, who lives in Yamanashi, Japan has recently installed the Tesla Powerwalls. 

"We believe we can make our life more comfortable and more eco-friendly by using today's technology. We can live comfortable by using air conditioner without hesitation in hot summer because the electricity is generated by the sun." Said Mrs Paoli, "This clean electricity can be charged into our car (Tesla Model S). It's very comfortable, even when driving in nature." 

Mrs. Paoli also said: "By installing Tesla Powerwalls, we can store the electricity generated by the sun and use it day and night." 

At the end, Mr Paoli shares his final thought about the Tesla products: "Tesla technology has made our life very convenient and simple."

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