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Tesla Supercharging Network From 6 Stations in California to 16,320 Charging Stalls Globally

Tesla Supercharging Network From 6 Stations in California to 16,320 Charging Stalls Globally

The Tesla Supercharger Network allows Tesla drivers to charge their cars in the shortest possible time. This growing infrastructure is seen as a competitive advantage for Tesla, as it improves customer service and reduces car range worries.

The Supercharger Network dates back to 2012. Then only 6 charging stations were installed, these were the first Superchargers and they were installed in California.

According to, as of April 17, 2020, 1849 Superchargers were opened, which equals 16,320 stalls, which allows Tesla car owners to quickly charge their cars.


44% of all open Superchargers are in the USA, 15% in China, 5% in Canada, 4% in France, 4% in Germany and the remaining 28% are located around the world. The number of Superchargers in the US is much higher than in other countries, but this is not unsurprisingly, because the first customers of Tesla are Americans and it is in the US that the company's cars are in the greatest demand. China is a fast-growing market for the automaker, so you can be sure that in the near future the number of branded charging stations in the country will increase.


Tesla is far ahead of its competitors in fast chargers, and this gives the company a great competitive advantage. In addition, Tesla owners can use third-party networks (which may require adapters), while Tesla Superchargers are exclusive to the company's vehicles.

In 2020, Tesla updated its Supercharger map, adding many new places and routes that will be covered by a fast-charging network.

Before the Californian automaker introduced the world its first electric car, no one took electricity-powered cars seriously. Moreover, electric cars were the subject of ridicule, as in most cases they were associated with golf cars, and not with a fast and high-performance vehicles.

Tesla changed the worldview, and its own network of Superchargers altered the rules of the game. The idea of ​​the company is seen as the desire to create an substantive, independent of the outside world and its rules, organism. Given that Tesla, in addition to the car business, also includes the Solar business, this perception of the company is increasingly real.

Starting as a small undertaking, the company grew every year, and over time became the benchmark.

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