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Tesla Supercharger Use Beats Pre-Pandemic Highs In China & Asia Pacific

Tesla Supercharger Use Beats Pre-Pandemic Highs In China & Asia Pacific

Featured Image Credit: TeslaCN & Elon Musk/Twitter

Tesla Supercharger usage in China and the Asia Pacific beat pre-pandemic highs, according to a recent graph tweeted by Elon Musk. The steady increase in Tesla Supercharger usage may reflect the growing EV market in China and the Asia Pacific. 

There was a deep dive in Supercharger usage because of the virus that shook the world in the first half of the year. Based on a previous Supercharger usage graph shared by Musk, charging sessions started to regain normalcy last month in China and the Asia Pacific. The graph released in May depicted China's sharp drop in Supercharger usage in February, down to nearly 30%. Meanwhile, in the Asia Pacific region, Tesla Supercharger usage dropped from ~90% to below 80%. In April, North America and Europes charging sessions dropped to ~30%.

The most recent Tesla Supercharger usage graph Musk shared revealed an uptick in charging sessions since the pandemic. Both China and the Asia Pacific's Supercharger usage went up to 100% as of June 10, 2020. In North America, charging sessions increased close to 80%, and Europe's Tesla Supercharger usage went up above 60%.

As mentioned in a previous Tesmanian article, the increased Tesla Supercharger sessions reveal how quickly China and the Asia Pacific are recovering from the virus. It also suggests that the two regions are maintaining normal societal activities while dealing with the continuing spread of the virus--albeit at a much slower pace. Some Asian countries have lifted quarantine orders but maintain strict preventative measures, especially in public areas.

China and the Asia Pacific's increased charging sessions could also reflect the growing EV markets in those regions. According to Statista, the Asia Pacific had the largest share of battery electric vehicle sales worldwide as of May 2020. As of 2018, China had the highest number for electric vehicles in use and it has taken steps to increase the amount of EVs on the road ever since. 

"Additionally, Asia Pacific also recorded a higher growth than its western competitors with its electric vehicle sales. Sales of battery electric vehicles in the region have increased dramatically from 2010. Furthermore, it was estimated that China had the highest number of electric vehicles in use as of 2018 and was forecasted to continue to produce the most electric vehicles in the Asia Pacific region in 2022," reported Statista.

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