Tesla Cybertruck Chosen By Tulsa Meteorologist To Chase Storms & Tornadoes


Featured Image Credit: Travis Meyer

The Tesla Cybertruck has been chosen by prominent Tulsa meteorologist Travis Meyer to chase storms and tornadoes in the future, highlighting once more that the vehicle will see a variety of uses when it starts being delivered to customers. But all statements aside, it’s pretty difficult to argue against the idea of using the Cybertruck as a storm chaser. 

Meyer’s pitch was posted on his Twitter account. In it, the meteorologist posted a photoshopped image of the Cybertruck wrapped in News on 6 decals. Apart from committing to buying the all-electric pickup for future use, Meyer playfully invited Tesla CEO Elon Musk to come along for a storm chasing session as well. 

“Hey @elonmusk can’t wait to storm chase with you in the @NewsOn6 @Tesla storm chasing truck from the new @cityoftulsagov factory – our great hometown! We’ll commit right now to buying the first. So @vondcastor @amycastor9 & @valcastor can use it to keep Oklahomans safe and informed and we'd let you ride along. Chasing tornados and storms - there’s no ride like it…except maybe @SpaceX,” Meyer wrote. 

The noted meteorologist’s wholesome post stands as the City of Tulsa’s latest pitch to the electric car maker. Tesla is currently looking to build its next manufacturing facility in the United States, and so far, reports have hinted that the site has been narrowed down to either Austin, Texas or Tulsa, Oklahoma. Between the two cities, Tulsa has been putting the pedal to the metal in its efforts to court Tesla.

Among these include a clever meme-worthy site that is deserving of Elon Musk’s memelord status, a number of videos explaining why Tulsa would be a great host for a Tesla factory, formal statements of support from Oklahoma officials, and more novel campaigns such as painting one of its landmarks, the Golden Driller, with a Tesla insignia and an Elon Musk face.

Overall though, there is a lot of valid reasons why the Tesla Cybertruck would make a great storm chasing vehicle, which are usually SUVs or vans that are modified to handle severe weather. With the Cybertruck’s tough exoskeleton and its Armor Glass, the all-electric pickup would be a pretty good fit for the task, with the vehicle likely needing only a few minor modifications to make it ready to chase even the fiercest tornadoes and storms. 

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