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Tesla Supercharger Ramp To Accelerate With Renewed Momentum, Says Elon Musk


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Tesla’s ramp of its Supercharger Network is poised to accelerate, according to recent statements from CEO Elon Musk. This was highlighted by the CEO in a response on Twitter, following reports about his visit to a Supercharger in Florida where he interacted with a number of Tesla owners. 

After the scrubbed launch of SpaceX’s first crewed demonstration to the International Space Station, reports emerged from the Tesla community that Elon Musk, his partner Grimes, and their baby made a brief stop at a Supercharger Station in Palm Bay, Florida. Images shared online revealed that Musk and his family were in white Model Xs, and they were also accompanied by the CEO’s security detail. 

Commenting on a Tesmanian report on the topic, Musk stated that more Superchargers are coming soon. This bodes well for the ramp of Tesla's vast charging network, which is already one of the industry’s most expansive and most convenient to use. A Supercharger Network ramp is also ideal at this time, since Tesla is expanding its fleet with mainstream EVs like the Model 3 sedan and the Model Y crossover. 

In later tweets, Musk also explained that the company’s Supercharger Network expansion has slowed down to allow for the ramp in the production of Supercharger V3 units. Interestingly enough, the manufacturing of Supercharger V3 stalls is reportedly done in Gigafactory New York, the same facility which produces Tesla’s flagship solar products like the Solarglass V3 Roof tiles. 

Supercharger V3 holds several key advantages over the company’s Supercharger V2 Network. When it was unveiled last year, Tesla highlighted that its V3 chargers would be able to charge vehicles with an output of 250 kW. The V3 system is also capable of charging EVs without splitting power, which works wonders for sites that see a lot of traffic. 

Tesla’s Supercharger Network seems to be designed to be a system that caters to a massive number of vehicles every day. This is especially important in the advent of electric cars like the Model Y, which Elon Musk expects will outsell the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 combined. With Tesla’s fleet growing at a rapid rate, after all, the need to have a massive charging infrastructure also grows. 

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