Local Authorities Sign Environmental Concept In Connection With Tesla Settlement In Brandenburg

by Eva Fox May 29, 2020

Local Authorities Sign Environmental Concept In Connection With Tesla Settlement In Brandenburg

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The planned construction of Tesla Giga Berlin is of national importance and has interregional structural effects. Therefore, local politicians analyzed all the needs and problems for the surrounding cities and municipalities at an early stage to determine the necessary measures for the development of settlements, commercial space and infrastructure. 

To this end, Minister of Infrastructure and State Planning Guido Beermann held a meeting in Fürstenwalde with the Joint State Planning of Berlin-Brandenburg, the Oder-Spree region and the regional planning community, as well as 13 other offices, cities and municipalities from eastern Brandenburg to the Berlin district of Treptow-Köpenick and signed the Declaration. This is the starting signal for the development of the concept of strategic development of the regional environment of the Tesla's Gigafactory.

The service area for professionals and thus the habitat of the planned Giga Berlin extends from Berlin to the eastern state border of Brandenburg and thus far beyond the actual location of the project. Cities and municipalities in the immediate vicinity of the location are faced with the opportunity and challenge of maintaining or developing attractive residences for Tesla employees and adequate infrastructure (for example, kindergartens and schools), as well as commercial premises for suppliers or service providers. Accessibility and mobility issues are also closely related.

Source: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

Local authorities analyzed the impact of the settlement at an early stage, assessed the corresponding needs, opportunities and problems, and jointly developed and implemented the necessary development measures in the areas of settlement development, commercial space and infrastructure requirements.

A common central goal is to take advantage of settlement opportunities for the region. Growth and resettlement structures should be designed so that the load on the region, in particular as a result of new traffic, can be minimized.

Local politicians understand the true value of Tesla for the region. Rolf Lindemann, the district administrator for Oder-Spree, says that the economic and structural momentum that will be associated with Tesla's location here cannot be overestimated. He says they are heading to a company that is a world leader in technological change in drive technology and mobility. A company that emphasizes the future orientation of Brandenburg’s energy strategy and their approach to sustainable development, a company that provides the younger generation with an impressive and complex industrial foundation for their future prospects and, thus, will change East Brandenburg as a whole, including mentally.

Gernot Schmidt, District Administrator of the Märkisch-Oderland District and Chairman of the Oderland-Spree Regional Planning Association says the Tesla Giga Berlin project is a unique development opportunity for the entire region.

Arne Christiani, Mayor Grünheide emphasizes that all signatories of the declaration have a chance to develop together around a new industrial site. "We can maintain the exciting pace of a TESLA investor only through coordinated and concentrated cooperation and effective targeted administrative actions.
In my opinion, the document signed today is a good basis for developing a strategic concept for the main tasks in the coming years in the entire TESLA environment. I think I can assure all cities and municipalities that our project will not fail thanks to our constructive cooperation and support."

Guido Beermann, Minister for Infrastructure and State Planning of the State of Brandenburg, notes that Tesla offers opportunities for economic growth and future-oriented job creation. "I am pleased that the district, cities and municipalities and the regional planning community of Oderland-Spree have decided to participate in this joint process today with the Ministry of Infrastructure and State Planning and Joint State Planning Berlin-Brandenburg."

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