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Tesla Supercharger V3 Installations Ramp In Europe Before Giga Berlin Phase 1 Completion


Tesla is ramping Supercharger V3 installations all over Europe, as Elon Musk said it would earlier this year. Tesla’s move to ramp V3 Supercharger installations in Europe could be a good one since more of its all-electric vehicles will be poised to hit European roads after Giga Berlin Phase 1 is complete. 

Work on Tesla’s European factory seems to have hit its stride. A recent video taken by drone-operator @GF4Tesla revealed that the construction site for Giga Berlin is nearly all leveled. The Tesla enthusiast predicted the construction site could be entirely leveled by the end of this week on Friday. 

According to Giga Berlin’s official website, Tesla’s initial goal for the factory is to hit a production capacity of 10,000 Model Y units per week. Based on its target, Tesla will be working hard to get more of the auto market pie in Europe, specifically in the SUV Crossover segment.

The SUV Crossover category has become quite popular in countries all over the world, including some in Europe. SUVs and crossovers made up 37% of total European sales in 2019 due to strong demand in the segment, reported Automotive News.

According to the Driven, Tesla is moving forward with Supercharger installations in several European countries, including the Netherlands, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, and Germany. Based on a tweet by @VedaPrime, Giga New York in Buffalo sent 16 V3 Superchargers to Rotterdam in the Netherlands abroad, the container ship named, Maersk Ohio. The Tesla Superchargers from Gigafactory 2 is due to arrive at the destination on April 6—barring any complications during the journey.

 The Netherlands plans to install a total of 62 V3 Superchargers in the country, reported It is unknown whether the 16 arriving aboard the Maersk Ohio will be counted towards Netherlands goals. The European country will be placing Tesla Superchargers in three different sites, namely Apeldoorn, Rijswijk, and Uden.

Meanwhile, Norway’s V3 Superchargers are already online and operational. According to, Norway may have one of the largest charging stations in Europe, with 40 V3 Supercharging units installed in the Liertoppen plant. 

However, Germany may challenge Norway’s title. TE Magazin reported that 40 V3 Superchargers installations could be installed in Düsseldorf, Germany, by 2020. The EV charging stations will also have 20 35kW stalls for FastNed, a European EV Network. 

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