Tesla Model Y Gets Positive First Impressions From Edmunds


The Tesla Model Y has received some positive first impressions from noted auto review firm Edmunds. In a recent set of tweets, Edmunds lauded Tesla’s latest vehicle for several critical factors, including its driving dynamics and its ample storage areas, as well as its cavernous cabin space. 

For its first impressions, Edmunds opted to focus on four key observations for the Tesla Model Y. First off, the auto review firm said that despite the Model Y growing in height and weight compared to its sedan sibling, the all-electric crossover managed to retain the “pleasing” steering and handling capabilities of the Model 3. 

This particular observation echoes the insights of previous reviewers who have gone behind the wheel of the Model Y. Esteemed car critic Doug DeMuro, for one, enjoyed his drive in the vehicle so thoroughly that he dubbed it as the best all-around Tesla available today.  

The auto enthusiasts at Throttle House said the same thing, observing that the Model Y could actually be used as a capable and fun “canyon carver” due to its near sports car-like handling.

Also lauded by Edmunds was the Model Y’s backseat area, which is pretty spacious on its own. Premium features such as heated back seats were highlighted by the auto review firm, though Edmunds noted that the Model Y would have been so much better if there was a way for rear passengers to adjust their seats’ heating from the back.

That’s a feature that is usually found in premium vehicles but is likely a step away from Tesla’s minimalistic theme, which involves most of the vehicle’s controls being handled by the Model Y’s 15-inch touchscreen. 

Furthermore, Edmunds praised the Tesla Model Y for its storage, which offer four times as much cargo space as the Model 3. The reviewers took a particular liking to the hidden storage compartment underneath the rear cargo area too, which could hold some decently-sized items such as bags and even the occasional cooler. 

However, not all is perfect with the Model Y as Edmunds also stated that they found some minor paint quality issues on their unit. Fit and finish issues have been Tesla’s unicorn for years, and while the company is improving, some of its vehicles that are produced in the United States still show the occasional panel gap or paint imperfection. This is something that was recently noticed by auto teardown expert Sandy Munro, who discussed his own Model Y’s fit and finish in a video. 

Featured Image Credit: Edmunds/Twitter 

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