Tesla Superchargers Are the Best & Most Affordable in Germany, According to Research

Tesla Superchargers Are the Best & Most Affordable in Germany, According to Research

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The Tesla Supercharger Network is one of the strongest competitive advantages of the company, as it gives owners of its vehicles the confidence to use their car everywhere and charge at low prices. Now, Tesla charging stations are recognized as the best and most affordable chargers in Germany in a rate test comparing manufacturers.

The Connect, together with e-mobility experts from the consulting company Umlaut, investigated the consumption costs of electric vehicles in Germany. Despite the fact that some providers had very confusing pricing, the study covered almost all the options on the market. Participants included charging stations from Stadtwerke München, EWE, Maingau, EnBW, NewMotion/Shell Recharge Standard, Plugsurfing, E.ON, and DKV, as well as car manufacturers Tesla, BMW, Audi, and Porsche.

The findings showed that Tesla has a very strong competitive edge. With a charge price of just €0.37 per kilowatt-hour, Tesla scored "very good" in all three categories—small, normal, and frequent driving—and won the manufacturer's rate test. In addition, the researchers emphasized that Tesla's usability is particularly transparent, and the pricing is very affordable.

Unlike Tesla, other providers often offer more expensive rates and more confusing terms of use. “Our first major test of e-service rates confirms what users have known for a long time: those who want to travel as cheaply as possible also need different charging cards for different charging situations,” explains Connect. “Tesla is particularly transparent and inexpensive when it comes to the offerings of automakers.”

An analysis of manufacturers' tariffs showed that Tesla was the winner for its offering, and received the highest rating, while BMW, Audi, and Porsche lagged far behind. Many drivers of these brands of electric vehicles can save quite a bit when charging at the Ionity charging stations. The rates for Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen proved impossible to verify as they have different prices depending on the charging station operator. These costs cannot be checked in the app or on the website without registering the car and booking a charge.

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