Tesla Reaches New Milestone: Surpasses 200k Powerwall Installs Globally

Tesla Reaches New Milestone: Surpasses 200k Powerwall Installs Globally

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Tesla, the world leader in large utility battery installations, announced a major milestone in the home battery direction: the installation of its 200,000th Powerwall, doubling the number of installations in just one year.

Tesla Powerwall is truly revolutionary, as it shifts grid energy dependence to individual household self-reliance. Energy is the most important resource today, and combining Powerwall with solar panels or Solar Roof gives you independent access to it.

Tesla reached an important milestone in Q1 2020, installing its 100,000th Powerwall. In just over over one year, the company doubled its number and reached another milestone of 200,000 installations globally. Tesla shared this incredibly important achievement on Twitter:

Since its launch in 2016, Powerwall has become incredibly popular. Tesla received tens of thousands of orders for the device, but at that time, due to the establishment and expansion of Model 3 manufacturing, it could not increase the pace of production. 2019 was a year of increased production of the company's energy products, as evidenced by the fact that the company passed the 100,000 Powerwall installation milestone. Customers who buy solar installations from the company have increasingly started installing energy storage systems. At the moment, the popularity of Powerwall has grown so much that the company only sells them together with its solar panels or Solar Roof.

Powerwall deployment has also accelerated with major projects such as Australia's Virtual Power Plant and an electric utility in Vermont. The demand for this product is growing very rapidly, as in addition to direct benefits from the battery, buyers can also receive incentives to buy from the government.

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