Tesla to Release V4 Supercharger with 1 MW Fast-Charging Technology for Semi & Cybertruck in 2023

Tesla to Release V4 Supercharger with 1 MW Fast-Charging Technology for Semi & Cybertruck in 2023

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Tesla will release the first V4 Supercharger in 2023, which will allow charging vehicles up to 1 megawatt. The new fast charging technology is primarily intended for Semi, but Cybertruck will also be able to use the next-generation charging stations.

On December 1, Tesla began Semi deliveries by handing over the key cards to the first owner, Pepsi Co. As per tradition, the company also made a very interesting announcement that will interest not only customers waiting for the delivery of Semi, but those who have an order for Cybertruck. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that in 2023, the company will launch a new type of charging station, the V4 Supercharger, which will be able to offer up to 1 megawatt of power. In addition to Class 8 electric trucks, the long-awaited Cybertruck will also be able to charge on them.

In 2019, Tesla introduced the V3 Supercharger, which supports peak rates of up to 250kW per car. The difference between the previous version and the one that will be released next year is simply huge. 

The V4 Supercharger was developed primarily for Tesla Semi, which has a significantly more powerful battery than the manufacturer's other electric vehicles on the market. But according to Musk, the V4 Supercharger should also provide up to 1 megawatt of power to Cybertruck. Other Tesla models were not mentioned in this context.

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