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Model X Owner Makes Music on TRAX Showcasing One of Tesla's Strengths


Rocket of YouTube's Love Town channel recently tinkered with TRAX v0.1 on his Model X, a music-making feature unveiled in Tesla's 2019.40.50 update. Rocket's video about TRAX was not just entertaining; it also proved that the electric car maker's new fun feature could really be used to make music. 

Rocket, the creator of Musk Rap, played a bit with TRAX and had some fun while doing it. Although the video he posted about his time on TRAX was only 7 minutes long, it was evident that the Love Town host spent more than just a couple minutes playing with the new feature. 

Based on the clips of the video, it took Rocket quite some time actually to add and manipulate the tracks on TRAX because it was running slow, likely because of his Model X's older media control unit. 

But hope is not lost for Tesla's TRAX feature. Elon Musk recently stated that only the alpha version of TRAX was released in the EV automaker's 2019.40.50 update.

 The Tesla community, like Rocket, seems to love tinkering with TRAX in their all-electric vehicles. With features like TRAX, the next-gen car manufacturer seem to bring a home-like ambiance to cars, too. 

Coincidentally, Rocket actually lives in his Model X. The frunk and trunk are his storage space, and with Camp Mode, residing in his Tesla might actually be more comfortable now. 

With features like TRAX, Camp Mode, Tesla Theater, and Tesla Arcade, the Elon Musk-led automaker is redefining what it means to own a vehicle. TSLAQ and other TSLA skeptics often argue that traditional automakers are likely to catch up to Tesla soon. They say that old-fashioned car makers can produce quality EVs, too, because they've been in the business longer. 

However, these same critics often overlook the other services, products Tesla offers to its consumers—especially its software updates. As it stands, traditional automakers haven't even mastered OTA updates. Meanwhile, Tesla is continually upgrading its cars. By the time traditional automakers come out with an EV, people like Rocket might be looking for features such as TRAX or Camp Mode in their vehicles. So they need to step up. 

Featured Image Credit: Love Town/YouTube

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