Tesla (TSLA) Q2 2020 Earnings Call Questions Submitted By Retail Investors


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Questions for Tesla’s (TSLA) Q2 2020 Earning Call, scheduled for July 22, have started flooding in from retail investors. The upcoming Earnings Call would be an excellent opportunity for investors to ask any questions directly to the Tesla board. Below are some of the most-voted questions for the Q2 2020 Earnings Call from retail investors and one from an institutional investor.

Based on the questions with the most shares, retail investors are mostly interested in the following topics:

  • When Tesla will release its feature-complete Full Self-Driving (FSD) Package
  • Tesla’s plans to build more Gigafactories
  • If Tesla will launch its Robotaxi Fleet with drivers behind the wheel
  • Tesla's progress with the Autopilot Rewrite

There were also some questions about Tesla Energy, relating to Autobidder and Solar Roof V3. Some questions concerned Tesla Insurance and when the EV automaker would make it available to owners outside California.

Rob Maurer from Tesla Daily submitted a few questions of his own for TSLA’s Q2 2020 Earnings Call. Tesla usually takes the top 5 questions and asks them to the board during the Earnings Call.

Two of Maurer’s questions are in the top five. He explains his reasons for asking the questions in his recent video—seen below.

The first question Maurer asked was: “Tesla seems widely ignored by Wall St. despite Elon’s comments about the growth rate exceeding automotive. Could Tesla share more detail on current/planned projects to help investors better understand the business outlook? How disruptive is Tesla’s Autobidder technology?” Maurer asks.

The second question from Maurer in the top 5 asked: “Now that it is time to bring the Semi to volume production, can you share more detail on production plans? What weekly production rate is considered volume production and when does Tesla expect to reach that rate?”

The third-most-popular question was asked by retail investor Michael C., who asked about Tesla’s plans for more Gigafactories. “One new [G]igafactory a year is not going to be enough to achieve the company mission. When will you announce multiple new [G]igafactory locations and when will Tesla have a [G]igafactory in the southern hemisphere[?]” Michael C. wrote.

Kendall C’s question made it to the top five. Kendall C. asked: “What is the holdup for Tesla Insurance outside California? Will you release numbers that part of the business? Will Tesla Insurance be required to participate in the Tesla Ride-Hailing network as a driver?”

The last question in the top five came from Jim C., who asked: “We want the release of the Tesla Ride-Hailing network soon with owner-drivers. It can’t be done until there is a larger enough concentration of vehicles in service areas. What is the threshold for vehicles needed before you can release it and will you offer incentives to owner-drivers[?]”

So far, there was only one question listed coming from an Institutional investor. “Can you discuss [sic] the opportunity for Tesla as a registered utility? How aggressively do you plan to expand in the UK and when will you enter new markets?” asked the Institutional investor.

Tesla had been granted electricity generator licenses in the UK and Australia and applied for one in China as well. The EV automaker’s plans as a utility have not been revealed, so it would be interesting to hear the answer to the Institutional investor’s question above. 

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