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Tesla Giga Shanghai Already Installing Model Y Equipment In Factory [Rumor]

Tesla Giga Shanghai Already Installing Model Y Equipment In Factory [Rumor]

Featured Image Credit: WuwaVision/YouTube

Tesla Giga Shanghai might already be installing equipment in its Model Y production facility. A recent video from drone-operator Wuwa Vision stated: “A truck full of equipment shuttles to the south, and large equipment on the production line is transported into the plant through the gate.”

Phase 2A, also known as Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Model Y production building, is almost complete. The exterior walls and roofing appear to be finished and work on the interior seems to be continuing. A ramp extends from the end of the MIC Model Y facility, leading all the way inside, presumably for construction workers and equipment to pass through.

A previous Tesmanian article reported that Tesla China already ordered equipment for its Model Y factory in July. Giga Shanghai had ordered machinery from Miracle Automation for Phase 2. Miracle Automation supplied RMB¥420M worth of conveyers to Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 production plant for the assembly line and paint shop.

The Model Y building will also have Tesla’s bespoke OL 6100 CS Giga Press machines from IDRA Group. Tesla ordered eight Giga Press die-casting machines for its Gigafactory in Berlin. The number of machines the EV automaker ordered for Giga Shanghai is unknown.

Giga Shanghai’s construction on other Phase 2 buildings seem to be moving along as well. Most of the other new buildings already have exterior walls and roofs. Tesla China has not officially labeled the new additions or stated the purpose of the buildings.


As Giga Shanghai continues to grow, Giga Berlin is just starting to sprout. Elon Musk recently shared a render of Giga Berlin’s first plant, which may have depicted the Model Y production facility in Europe. Giga Berlin will be starting operations with Model Y production next year.

At the rate Giga Shanghai is moving, some TSLA bulls speculate that MIC Model Y pre-production could start later this year by mid-Q3 or early-Q4. Tesla China’s Global VP Grace Tao forecasted that MIC Model Y production could start as early as Q1 2021.

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