Tesla Has Activated the Cabin Camera While on Autopilot to Prevent Misuse

Tesla Has Activated the Cabin Camera While on Autopilot to Prevent Misuse

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Tesla has activated the cabin camera when Autopilot is engaged to protect all road users in the event of the carelessness or frivolity of Tesla drivers.

Tesla software update 2021.4.15.11 has added a very useful feature to the company's vehicles. Now, when Autopilot or FSD are activated, the cabin camera is also turned on in the car, which monitors the driver, not allowing the use of the function if illegal actions are recorded. While the car is driven by a human driver, the camera will not be activated unless the driver chooses to turn it on in vehicle settings. It is worth noting that the camera data do not leave the car, which means that the system cannot save or transmit information unless data sharing is enabled.

Release Note:

"The cabin camera above your rearview mirror can now detect and alert driver inattentiveness while Autopilot is engaged. Camera data does not leave the car itself, which means the system cannot save or transmit information unless data shared is enabled. To change your data settings, tap Controls> Safety & Security> Data Sharing on your car's touchscreen."

These actions of the company are intended to warn unscrupulous and/or inattentive drivers who use Autopilot. Previously, the system only relied on sensors on the steering wheel, but some irresponsible drivers have used steering wheel weights to trick it. By deceiving Autopilot, such drivers increased the risk of road accidents and put the lives of all road users at risk. Therefore, the company resorted to new ways of monitoring drivers during the activation of Autopilot or FSD.

Tesla's Autopilot and FSD are not fully autonomous driving systems, so constant monitoring and readiness for immediate intervention by the driver is required.

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