Tesla Uses AMD RDNA 2 GPU in Refreshed Model S & X Infotainment System

Tesla Uses AMD RDNA 2 GPU in Refreshed Model S & X Infotainment System

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About seven months ago, rumors began to circulate in the community that the refreshed Tesla Model S and X would receive AMD GPUs. Now AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su has confirmed that the cars from the Californian manufacturer will indeed have RDNA 2 GPU architecture.

In November 2020, Tesmanian reported that there were rumors that Tesla could use AMD's upcoming Navi 23 graphics processing unit (GPU) to power its infotainment systems. This information was originally posted by Twitter user Patrick Schur, a known leaker of AMD engineering samples and news. His original post contained several Navi 23 blueprints with Tesla's stamp, but these were later deleted to protect his sources.

In February 2021, Schur posted a new diagram that allegedly belongs to Tesla, which confirmed that Tesla will be using AMD's Navi 23 GPU for its onboard entertainment, and possibly navigation systems as well. Now AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed that Tesla's refreshed Model S and X would indeed feature RDNA 2 GPU architecture.

“We’re really just getting started with RDNA 2. So you might be surprised to learn the next place you’ll find RDNA 2 graphics. It's actually on the road, in the electric vehicle market with the new Tesla Model S and Model X,” she said. Later, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also confirmed this information via Twitter.

AMD RDNA 2 is used in many consumer devices such as the PlayStation 5 and ensures that gaming systems do not consume more power than they need to. Thus, Tesla cars will receive a powerful GPU, which will be ideal for use in an electric vehicle. Such a powerful GPU opens up completely new possibilities for the manufacturer. The ability to play games in the car is impressive, but the ability to include AAA games, like the Witcher or Cyberpunk can totally blow your mind.

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