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Tesla Will Add 9 Giga Presses to the Existing 2 in 2021 as Giga Texas & Berlin Come Online

Tesla Will Add 9 Giga Presses to the Existing 2 in 2021 as Giga Texas & Berlin Come Online

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Achieving the ability of an automaker to produce the highest quality, most reliable, and safest vehicles at a relatively low cost is the holy grail of the industry. While everyone took the path of least resistance, not wanting to use innovation, Tesla was significantly ahead of rivals in the issue of car production. The newest giant die casting machine--the Giga Press--is a real breakthrough, and in 2021, in addition to the existing two, nine more will be installed, bringing Tesla closer to its goal.

Recently, the leading die casting machine manufacturer, IDRA, released a series of videos in which it talked about the history of the machine, the technology, how it works, new developments, and existing orders. And, although Tesla was never indicated as the company's customer, the information that the Californian company orders Giga Presses from IDRA has long been no secret.

Among other things, IDRA General Manager Riccardo Ferrario confirmed that two Giga Presses have already been installed, referring to the two machines operating at Tesla's Fremont factory. He also said that nine more machines will be installed in 2021, probably referring to those to be installed at Giga Berlin and Giga Texas.

"Two Giga Presses have been already shipped and installed at our customer plants running production batches of the largest casting part ever made worldwide and now we have an additional nine Giga Presses to be delivered during 2021."

It is currently unknown what exactly these machines will be for, however there is reason to believe that at least one of them will be an 8,000-ton Giga Press to produce a one-piece rear casting for Cybertruck, the production of which should start in 2021. There is also the possibility that this could include machines for making the front single-piece casting to fulfill Tesla's plan with a new vehicle architecture with new 4680 battery cells. However, it is possible that machines only for rear single-piece casting will be installed in 2021, and machines for the front single-piece casting will be produced and installed in 2022.


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