Tesla Will Sponsor Student Teams Competing in the Formula SAE Electric Competition

Tesla Will Sponsor Student Teams Competing in the Formula SAE Electric Competition

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Tesla strives to stimulate development and once again wants to help students. The company will sponsor student teams competing in the Formula SAE Electric competition with free batteries or discounted equipment and professional guidance.

Formula SAE is an undergraduate competition in which teams are required to design and test a formula-style prototype car for the non-professional racing car market. In 2013, a new class of vehicles that use rechargeable batteries was added to the competition, called Formula SAE Electric.

Tesla has previously recruited former students who took part in Formula SAE and now the company wants to have a direct impact on the development of automotive engineers. The company will offer teams two sponsorship options, Tesla North reports. In the first option, the team can get up to 1,000 high-performance 18650 cylindrical cells for free. Teams may choose between a high-energy and a high-power cell, depending on their application. The second sponsorship option involves an 80% discount on pre-built modules and other hardware supplied by Enepaq, up to an order limit of €20,000.

Staff Mechanical Design Engineer at Tesla, John Furtado, shared on LinkedIn last week that the company is delighted to share this sponsorship opportunity with students and has invited them to apply to participate as soon as possible.

"Last summer several of us from #Tesla volunteering at the Formula SAE events were dismayed at the number of electric vehicles competing and started discussing what Tesla might be able to do to help accelerate that transition. Pretty excited to be able to share this sponsorship opportunity, just in time for the holidays. If your team is planning to enter any of next year's Formula Student events as an EV, act fast since applications are due Wednesday the 29th."

In addition, Tesla said it will also offer sponsored teams the opportunity to review their designs with some of the world's leading electrical powertrain engineers and provide guidance through the design and validation process, which is an extremely valuable contribution.

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